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 “O’))) Brien’s Pub Boston - Live - March 6th 2012” is live album by American Sludge/Doom Metal band STASiS. It was recorded on March 6th 2012 in Boston, MA on cassette tape by Michael Leonard Maiewski. This recording was blessed/mastered on March 30th 2012 by Jeff Oly Olsonfrom the bands Retro Grave and original doom masters Trouble. Michael is known for being in the bands StasisExacerbateSeahorse BattlefieldThe Lotus PetalsDarktowerNecrolepsyPair of DiceGreen Wizard, and his funeral doom solo outing MiseryMichael Leonard Maiewski also plays drums for the bands Devil Dinosaur and Highfather, plays bass for the bands Bleak Silenceand the Potion, and strings and vocals for Retro Grave. a group with original Trouble drummer Jeff Oly Olson. And started his own label Succulent Records.

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