Fueled by drudging riffs, at times melodic or sensitive, at other times mind-crushingly heavy and discordant, oppressive with slamming bass, and drumming that is groovy and huge... this is Stasis.   

        Formed in winter 2004 by founder Michael Leonard Maiewski in doomy southern Maine,  Stasis began it's metal journey into the blackened cosmos.  These amp-worshipping hard-hitters made their first realization as a band on the instrumental 'A Stasis Was Born' demo released on January 1st 2006 with members Michael Leonard Maiewski and Rickey Aldridge which they recorded in 2005.  
        Then a second demo, 'We are Falling Upward' with Maiewski on vocals was recorded the following year at Flowering Hell Studio in Tucson, Arizona.  Doom-metal.com described the band as "Chugging drone/doom with strong elements from doomcore and scream-your-lungs- out vocals.  A 3rd demo "As Thy Moss Grows Black...(Awaiting Thee Flesh Parade) was then recorded back in Maine in late 2007.  Featuring new member sd on drums.  Released on February 19th 2008.   Shortly after this recording he then left... 
        In December 2008 Sean "Moses" Morissette was recruited to play bass and Brendan Shea was added to the lineup on drums.  They recorded several demos and even  mellow/jazzy/shoegazing versions of all Stasis songs at that time,  and started the process of recording their first album.   However drummer, Brendan Shea left the band shortly after recording his tracks in 2008-2009.   The band still continued to record their debut album aptly titled "BLOODHONEY" with the three remaining members.
             A few months into 2009 Choking Hazard Records Released three STASIS songs on their "The Stranglers" 2 Disc Sludge Compilation. The band then released a five track instrumental EP 'Red' on the winter solstice December 21 2009 as a download featuring members Maiewski, Aldridge, Morissette, and Shea.
             Stasis then released their second instrumental ep "WHITE" as download  On March 15th 2010. 
 The debut full-length 'Bloodhoney' was due out in winter 2010.,  however the band wanted more in the sound then initially recorded,  more sessions followed this idea.  Stasis released the Third instrumental ep "Blue"  As download on April 20th 2011.   The triangulation has ended,  let the screaming begin...  Let the blood start dripping...  The debut full-length "BLOODHONEY" was  still being recorded and mixed,  putting the finishing touches on this long awaited release.  And features original vocalist from Death Metal LEGENDS Incantation!!! CRAIG PILLARD on guest vocals on the albums track "never too late..."  And will feature Catherine Louise Maiewski playing piano.  The album is due for its release in winter 2011!!!
          In late October STASIS found it's new drummer and vocalist Brandon Phinney!!!   3 New songs being written, and a cover are being planned for an ep in the works.  Then the following month new bassist Mindy Kern was added to the lineup.
                  On December 12th 2011 DETHRONED PRODUCTIONS Re-released the "WE ARE FALLING UPWARD" demo!!!  On December 22nd 2011 the Winter Solstice STASIS released its debut album "BLOODHONEY"!!!   Writing, recordings, re-releases, shows, re-masterings and more to soon follow!  

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