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Finally our debut album released on cassette!!!    It sounds so amazing!   
We are also working hard on recording our second album and a few eps also 
to be released on cassette and eventually vinyl))))).   Come and check out our merch page!





RE-RELEASES!!! "WE ARE FALLING UPWARD" GOING INTO PRINT SOON ON DETHRONED PRODUCTION IN SPAIN artwork by CHARLES LOCKWOOD!!! come check it out!!!  Also new song and video up in our videos section of two new songs!!! "METAaLPHASiS"  and "Fission from Failure" !!!!!!! We also have a show coming up on December 30th!!!  Check out our show section!!!    And of course our debut album                      "BLOODHONEY"  will be released on DECEMBER 22nd the winter solstice... Artwork by MISTY LEE HOUSTON!!!  The blood is uprooting now.......

New Videos Online!!! Live@Geno's 


Stasis has put up several new videos for your viewing pleasure!!!  Check out our video's page for more detail's...  A GREAT show indeed, was recorded in Portland,  Maine at a place many of you have been to!.  Check them out and let us know what you think!   Don't forget to download some free music from STASIS because for a short time we will have our first 3 insrumental ep's for FREE download!!!  

Bloodhoney due out Winter 2011!!! 


 Stasis is almost finished with the mixing and tracking for Bloodhoney.  And we have asked Billy Anderson for his mastering skills. We are trying for a winter 2011 release.  The album features guest vocalist CRAIG PILLARD from Disma/Incantation/Disciples of Mockery/Womb and Methadrone.  And will also feature bandmate in Retro Grave JEFF OLY OLSON playing trumpet!!! We have a few tracks up for anyone's listening pleasure on for free preview. click here for free spin of STASIS BLOODHONEY.......
 Come join the bloody feast!!!

The Trilogy... RED!!! WHITE!!! BLUE!!! 

  Stasis has finally finished the set of 3 ep's available for download on our merch page.
                                 RED,WHITE and BLUE!!!!!!!   There are many more tracks and ep's that will be unearthed very soon!!!   But for now we are focusing on our first full length due out this year!  
              Show STASIS your support and visit and talk with us on our sites.  For STASIS loves you...

And check out and LIKE our great page on reverbnation!!!

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