Succulent Records was founded by Michael Leonard Maiewski as an outlet for his releases especially the bands StasisExacerbateSeahorse BattlefieldThe Lotus PetalsDarktowerNecrolepsyPair of Dicethe PotionGreen WizardPopeiumPlagueJonathan Menderhaus, Attorney at Law and funeral doom group Misery.    Michael Leonard Maiewski also plays drums for the bands Cactus HagDevil DinosaurEggplant WizardWaalrus, and Highfather, and bass/lap-steel/vocals/baritone/organ/additional drums/noise for the band Bleak Silence and played strings and for Retro Grave, whilst it was a duet, with original Trouble drummer Jeff Oly Olson.

Bleak Silence is a Death Drone Doom Noise group who started in Strafford, NH. John, Brad, and Leonard have set out to create the most painful and crushing wall of noise. They play at very high volumes during shows and recordings. All of their recordings were made using cassette recorders. Not for the meek.
“MISERY” is the first release by American Experimental Funeral Doom Metal artist 
Misery. Recorded and Produced by Green Wizard back in 2005.  
 Plague is the debut album by american experimental black metal artist from MAINE, Plague.
Plague was created by LORD CIMMERIAN of Darktower and Exacerbate. Artists and musicians involved in this project are known for being in the bands StasisExacerbateSeahorse Battlefield,The Lotus PetalsDarktowerNecrolepsyPair of Dicethe PotionGreen WizardPlagueJonathan Menderhaus, Attorney at LawMiseryDevil DinosaurHighfatherBleak Silence, and Retro Grave …
Seahorse Battlefield is an American Experimental Noise band from the depths of Maine. Created by Michael Leonard Maiewski, Sean Moses, and Michael Whitmore. Their first album consists of 99 tracks of blissed out vibrations and noise with sparse vocals.